10 OF The Handiest Problem-Solving Gadget

We often might think that what if we had some gadget that was not that expensive and that we can use it more often and make our life easier. Well if you think that then you should don’t worry we got your back, with a list of our 10 handiest problem-solving gadgets that will make your work easier.

1.Ice Genie: The gadget is really great for party time, you must have had a lot of situations when you are having a party and for that, you need lots of ice cubes. So what’s the thing you do at that time? You would probably use trays but you know that’s not enough. Let me guess you go and get ice cubes from the market and put them into your freezer. Well, how about saving yourself from that hassle with this Ice genie it can give you 10 trays ice in it. It’s easy to remove the ice cube just press the gadget and Ice cubes will come off on their own. So now no more stacking up many trays you just need these ice genie and your good for your party.

2.Food chopper: Well, I don’t know about you guys but when I’m making food cutting the vegetables and everything gets super boring and time-consuming. If you can relate to me then you would love this food chopper cuts every time of food and vegetables that you want and gives you evenly chopped vegetables. Saves your time, effort and it’s super fast to use, what else do you want from a chopper?

3.Space plug: These are great for people who need way too much plugin there room or office. If you are an office person who needs many plugs you can get this comes with 6 sockets inside and you can easily use it anywhere. After that, if you still need to have your charger this got you covered, as it also provides you with 2 USB ports to charge your mobile phone. So it won’t be bad to say that this probably one of the best options to have when it comes to getting extra plugs.

4.Main sidewinder: If you use apple accessories like charger or MacBook or any other android too, you know how expensive is to get those original accessories back. So you need to make sure you take good care of it, and the most common problem comes in when you keep them untangled and like that so the wire gets damaged. Now not anymore take your charger to place it inside the sidewinder and simply twist it will automatically wind your cable and keep it secure and safe also save you a lot of space.

5.Mag pad magnetic tool: The best thing a guy that works with tools every time could ask for, you know how hard it is when you are working and have to keep your bolts, nuts, and tools safe. So now you can use this and forget the worrying of them going missing the mag pad is a magnetic pad that will stick to your car or fridge anywhere you are working and that have metal. So just stick it there and place your tools on this mag pad, it will hold all of your tools without dropping them anywhere.

6.Wallet ninja: Very handy gadget that fits inside your wallet in your cardholder section. The card comes with 8 different types of tools that can be used in most of the places. It works as a phone holder, can opener, screwdriver and etc. This will for sure going to be helpful, and it’s also a very stylish looking card type gadget that looks good when you have that in your wallet.

7.Sugru Mouldable glue: Talk about a glue that you can use to fix anything of any material. Well, this glue is just like that, easy to use almost looks and feel like clay you just place this glue on any material and leave that for 24 hours and it will be super strong. The glue is hot and cold resistance so even if you fix your pot handle it won’t fall off. Get small material fixed as well as heavy too, as the glue is super strong can be put on handles and other stuff to save the effort of drilling your walls just place on your handle. Wait for a day and after that use it to hang anything you want it can take up to 2kg of weight.

8.Mi cordless trimmer: If you are thinking of getting your trimer exchange you should really consider this amazing trimmer. Recently launched it gives you 6,000 blade rotation per minute and gets you the safest and smartest experience. You can easily use it up to 90 min with one charging, the led indicator in the trimmer will tell you how much power you have left. It’s a waterproof trimmer too and you can use it as a corded trimmer when the battery is low charge it while you use it.

9.Echo dot: If you are a tech person and love new and smart technology then you will love this small voice assistant speaker. The echo dot comes with inbuilt Alexa that will do what you tell it to do. From telling you news, to story, giving your recipe to setting alarm and reminder Alexa do everything on your voice command.

10.Yi home camera 2: Take your house security to another level with this smart camera. Gives you great 1080p video quality and come switch an AI detection means if someone comes or does any movement it will focus on that person. It will send you alerts on your smartphone as soon as it sees that movement. So it’s for sure that it is going to save your house from unwanted guests and people. It comes with audio support to talk and listen to a person that you are seeing in the video.…

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9 Genius Home Gadget You Definitely Need if You Don’t Have Them Yet

Gadgets come handy everywhere from your workplace to your house, you can use them almost everywhere and all the time. So let’s see some of the home gadgets that you really need to buy if you haven’t yet.

paragon induction cooktop: If you love cooking and making lots of different food, and prefer electric stove then a simple gas one. This one’s for you as the paragon induction cooktop is one of the smartest and coolest you will find. Just connect this amazing induction with your mobile app through the Bluetooth connectivity and control it with just your finger touch. The cooktop lets you take the temperature up to 260 C, and that also you can control from your phone. So now just relax on your sofa and watch TV without worrying about your food, on and off-take temperature high or low with just the help of your mobile phone.

EvaLight: Perfect smart gadget for your room, the EvaLight works as your humidifier if your room is too dry and it will make your room a little better. Works as an air purifier as well and an air conditioner as well so get your air purify while getting cool and great air. It works up to 6 hours with one water filling so your air conditioner going to last a good amount of time. It can just work on only 10 watts of power so you don’t have to worry about getting the electricity bill too high.

VEIU: Get the security of your house in top-level, with this security doorbell. The doorbell looks just like an ordinary doorbell but can give you a live video on your connected device. Even if you are not home to answer the doorbell no worries as you can literally answer it from anywhere. As someone rings your doorbell your phone will get a call that you can answer and talk to that guy. Also if someone tries to come in and break into your house the doorbell will let you know by giving the alert and also capture the picture or a video of that person.

BedJet V2: The best gadget for having a great sleep, get this and you will see. The bed jet lets you control the temperature of your bed, now inter you get a warm bed and In summer you can cool it down. It will remove your air conditioner and room heater as even they won’t give you results. As fast as this does within just 180 seconds it can cool or warm your bed and let you have a great comfortable sleep.

Q&C Nano: Water purifier got advance and compatible with your use. The Q&C Nano is a home and office water purifier that will purify your water well and let you have a great safe water. Place it anywhere with its super compatible design and shape, the purifier can be put on any countertop. It also lets you select the temperature of the water with its touch temperature screen on the top, get from hot to cold in just a sec.

Quilo: Get your cooler and humidifier into a great stylish look with Quilo. The Quilo is an air humidifier and an air cooler providing you with cool air in just seconds and letting you have a great and cool experience. It works as an evaporated cooler as the water inside Quilo evaporate and give you cool air. It can give you cool air in just a few minutes and also work as a humidifier when winter is there.

Tersa steam: I’m pretty sure that this technology will move you from your feet. Getting tired of ironing with old ways? Try the Tersa steam place it on your wall as a cabinet that has a mirror. First thing it looks good, second when you open it and place your clothes inside it will iron it. Remove unwanted wrinkles, and smell and let you stream great clean and new like cloth to wear in just 10 minutes.

Qi Aerista: Make your tea making into a new experience with this best tea-making hot pot. Let’s say for now you don’t even have to place your tea inside the water to get the aroma and taste. The teapot lets you place the tea in a lid that works as a container too and the water stays inside. Then with the steam, it adds the tea flavor and fragrance in your water giving you the best tea you will have. The smart teapot can be connected and controlled from your smartphone, letting you know when your tea is ready.

Smart thermostat: The smart thermostat that will control the temperature of the room. Just like most of the thermostat, it comes with a handle to control the temperature and also let you connect it to the app. But it turns on its LED screen only when someone walks past by it, or when it senses someone is there. Not a big change but it is a change that no other thermostat has, so why not use this other than getting different ones that will give the same thing without sensor.…

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