Does Upgrading To Internal Blu-ray Drives Worth it?

The question is quite debatable as most people don’t really feel that they need it way too much. That leads them to question this thought of getting a Blu-ray disk really worth it? Or I will be just wasting my money on some new upgrade.

While we on that let’s just first know what is the Blu-ray drives?

Well in simple words you can say it’s an advanced version of DVD like DVD was an advanced version or successor of the CD player. That’s is how the Blu-ray is the successor of your DVD driver, while ago the computers were installed with CD drivers. Then I got replaced by a better version of the DVD driver that gave you better quality and storage. Then nowadays it’s getting replaced by our Blu-ray drivers, as it’s better in video quality, audio quality, in performance-based.

When we had the DVD disk before we didn’t have the option of getting too much space to store large and many 720p or higher quality videos. But with Best Internal Blu-ray disk you can store a vast variety and large numbers of high definition videos and with better sound quality.

Just like we had that in DVD players that CD can be read in the DVD drivers but you can not read a DVD on a CD driver. The same thing is with Blu-ray while here also you can read DVDs on the Blu-ray drivers but you cannot read a Blu-ray disk on a DVD driver. So getting a Blu-ray driver will really worth it in just this point only.

Let’s see some of the advantages of Blu-ray and compare them with DVDs.


The first thing that people need is storage, and when it comes to storage the Blu-ray and DVD not even close to the same level. Blu-ray disk give you minimum of 25gb of storage in one disk and can get up to 27gb

Well, If its a double layer or dual layer disk it can hold up to 50 GB of data.

While seeing on DVDs, it’s one disk that can hold up to 4.7gb data and not too much. Even if you use a double layer or dual layer disk it will only hold the data of 8.5 to 8.7gb which still not even close to the data of a single disk of Blu-ray. So this clear advantage of having a Blu-ray tell you that Blu-ray can hold more high definition video and high-quality audio.


The second advantage over the DVDs you can say it’s quality. Blu-ray like we talked about having lots of space in it gives you the option of saving lots of files and great quality files. So it will not be bad or wrong to say the quality of Blu-ray disk will be better and good as it will store higher quality videos and audios.

While talking about DVDs they give you just storage of 4.7gb which is not really that gray and just because of that it cannot store that much data and also cannot stop good quality video and audio. So clearly in quality to Blu-ray is ahead and far better than your standard DVD player or DVD disk.


Let’s compare the content, so content is basically extra things that you get in your disk like Behind the scene, overlaying of voice, and commentaries, etc. Blu-ray disk because of having lots of storage can provide you with a great option of getting those in your disk. You might often see all of those if you are using a Blu-ray device or a Blu-ray disk.

While talking about your DVDs disk they lack basic storage which is enough only for actual video and not for this extra content. Some DVDs may give you these but when they are different DVD only. You can find this extra content of that video on different DVDs but not on the same. So clearly even in the content, you might want to upgrade to your Blu-ray driver.


The option of watching 3D movies and videos is a really must-have option for drivers. As talking about Blu-ray all 3D movies are getting in Blu-ray format only.

While the other hand DVDs are getting a few 3D movies in the past, but it won’t now as I told you, everyone is switching to Blu-ray and that’s is why the 3D format will be there only in Blu-ray from now on. So if you want to enjoy 3D in the future or now too you might as well as upgrade your driver to a Blu-ray driver.

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